Statomix - Adhesive & Equipment, Inc. utilizes the most complete line of High Quality/Low Cost Motionless Mixers from Statomix.

The most complete line of motionless mixers

STATOMIX® in-line steel tube mixers are especially suited for mixing two-component synthetic resin systems. These durable stainless steel mixers consist of alternating left and right hand helical elements, which are brazed the entire length ofthe tubular mixer housing.

The mixer has to be cleaned immediately after use. It needs to be run briefly on the main component only (without hardener), and then flushed with a solvent/air mixture. If partial orcomplete hardening of the components occurs in the mixer, it can be burned out @ 930-1,110 degrees F (500-600 degrees C).

STATOMIX® ME series plastic disposable mixers, when used with meter mix equipment, provide a low cost solution for two-component mixing. The mixer element is molded of polyacetal to withstand the higher pressures of meter mix machines.

At higher operating pressures and temperatures above 104 degrees F (40 degrees C), a metal shroud must cover the mixer for safety reasons. The outlet of the static mixer is stepped, therefore, bead size can be increased by cutting the tip.

STATOMIX® ME series mixers are also available with support washers. The washer will prevent the elements from extruding out the end of the housing when working with high pressure applications.

STATOMIX® ME mixers are suitable for all types of meter mix dispensing systems on the market; check with our sales department for the correct mixer for your equipment.

Expand your capabilities and explore new applications with ConProTec's new, low-cost Luer Lock Adapters designed for our vast product line of STATOMIX® Motionless Mixers.

The adapters allow easy attachment of dispensing needles for precise application of two-component adhesives, allowing fine bead control and the ability to apply adhesives in difficult to reach areas.

The new Luer Lock Adapters easily self-thread onto the stepped end of the mixers. Three adapter sizes are available to fit our line of STATOMIX® Motionless Mixers. All three adapters fit all standard needles.

STATOMIX® in-line steel/fiberglass mixers were developed as a low-cost alternative for mixing two-component synthetic resins.The mixing elements are made of a high-grade, solvent resistant plastic.

A transverse rod at the outlet end of the zinc-plated steel housing supports the elements.

The low cost of the unit allows for easy replacement and avoids unproductive cleaning, should a complete hardening occur within the mixer.

ConProTec has developed a complete line of high quality, low cost shrouds to be used with STATOMIX® static mixers on all meter mix machines.

The higher pressures associated with meter mix dispensing equipment require the use of STATOMIX® shrouds.

If a shroud is not used, the mixer housing can expand, allowing the catalyst or resin components to bypass the mixer elements and streamline down the inner housing wall, preventing an optimal mixture.

Additionally, ConProTec recommends the use of STATOMIX® shrouds at all times for safety reasons in case the operating pressure exceeds the static mixer's pressure rating.

The Ribbon Spreader Tip applies a 1.5" bead from a special 3/8" x 24 element mixer.

The Ribbon Tip can rotate 360 degrees for easy adhesive application. The Ribbon Tip and Ribbon Tip Mixer must be ordered separately.

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