Helmitin - Comprehensive adhesive solutions.

Helmitin Inc. is your global resource for innovative adhesive technology. Whatever your needs, we provide comprehensive adhesive solutions. Thousands of companies globally benefit from our experience, expertise and service. We cover a wide range of industries and provide the service and product selection you need to keep your business together.


Helmitin has a wide range of emulsions, polyurethanes, contacts, hot melts and reactive systems for your product assembly needs, including:

Countertop Postforming - Full line of solventborne and waterborne contact adhesives for manual and automatic postforming lines.

Paper/Vinyl Laminating - VOC-free high speed laminating can be achieved with HELMITHERM hot melts or HELMIBOND emulsions.

Foam Building - Foam and fabric bonding adhesive for upholstered furniture, automotive seats, office partitions or mattresses. Adhesive may be flammable solventborne, non-flammable solventborne, hot melt or waterborne.

Membrane Pressing / Vacuum Forming / 3D Lamination - Full line of polyurethane dispersions formulated either as one component or two component low activating systems.


Contact Adhesives - Brush and spray grade contact adhesives available for general purpose woodworking and suitable for plastic laminates, rubber, felt, canvas, fabrics, leather, etc. Waterborne contact adhesives suitable for brush, roller or spray application, plus fast drying waterborne contact adhesive for high mileage and excellent sprayability.

Emulsion Adhesives "White Glues" - Variety of products available including fast setting catalysed adhesive for applications requiring higher water and heat resistance, adhesives for automatic dowelling machines with glue injectors, very low viscosity dowelling adhesive for automatic dowelling machines with glue sprayers and fast setting copolymer adhesive that is versatile in its adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

Hot Melt Adhesives - Exclusive "seamless" edgebanding hot melt for invisible glue lines on light colored veneers and laminates, edgebanding hot melts for high speed automatic machines to bond primed PVC, melamine, and wood veneer edging, plus cartridge form hot melt adhesives for Holz-Her edge banding machines with "clear" and "seamless" version with excellent adhesion.

Other Woodworking Products - Cleaning solvent and thinner for flammable contact cements, unique one-part waterborne instant bonding foam/fabric adhesive, non-flammable spray grade upholstery adhesive with strong yet soft glue lines and hot melt pot cleaner and cartridge hot melt cleaners available.

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