Machine / Grinding Coolants

Lubie Lube Metal Working Coolant #101

Lubie® #101 is a compounded, economical, light duty, general purpose water soluble oil formulated for grinding and machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It forms a stable emulsion with water and is safe and mild to use.

Lubie #101 can be used at 10% dilution with water whenever hydrodynamic lubrication and the exceptional cooling effects of water are required. When used on ferrous metals, interim corrosion protection is obtained by a thin oily film deposit. Recommended applications include: grinding, turning, boring, facing, drilling, face milling, etc.

  • Low cost and versatile, with good cooling and lubricating properties.
  • Reduces wheel loading and glazing, thus eliminating frequent wheel dressing while increasing wheel life and production.
  • Resistant to bacterial growth.
  • Exhibits effective rust protection on steels and cast iron.

It is commonly used with high speed steel, carbide or coated carbide tooling on low or medium carbon steels, aluminum, copper and brass alloys with machinability ratings of 70%.

% Petroleum Hydrocarbon 82.0 Color Milky White
% Emulsion Stable/Opaque API Gravity 21.0
% Water 1.0 pH@ 6% Emulsion 8.3 - 8.6
Cold Test Pass Lbs. per gallon 7.72
Freeze/Thaw Test Pass Odor Slight Petroleum

UNIT (Gallons) CATALOG #
CASE (4 Gallons) Lubie GL101-1
PAIL (5 Gallons) Lubie GL101-5
DRUM (55 Gallons) Lubie GL101-55